Sag Harbor Garden

We used the following design strategies in the planning of this new garden surrounding an intact 1949 Sag Harbor Summer cottage: 1) curved planting beds marry the geometry of the garden spaces to the house; 2) perimeter fencing with layered planting (tall privet hedges and lacecap hydrangeas) privatize the yard, and provide garden views from the house while blocking unsightly street views; 3) cherry laurels and hostas planted along the base of the house hide the unsightly masonry block foundation and provide an evolving blossoming edge; and 4) the driveway is transformed into a garden amenity by aligning it with the house, paving it with a light loose gravel, and lining it with planted hedgerows on both sides.

Completion date: 2014 
Location: Sag Harbor, New York
Role: Landscape designer
Photography: Edward Siegel