Celebration Boulevard Medical Center

Designed in the Art Moderne/Art Deco style prescribed by the Celebration Business District Pattern Book, this four-story building houses doctors and other medical professionals providing healthcare services to the residents of Celebration, Osceola County, and the surrounding areas. Recessed towers in the front and rear announce two of the building’s main entrances, while recessed fourth floor terraces visually “pavilion-ise” the building’s massing. The elevations are further articulated with Art Deco flourishes; such as a ribbed stucco building cornice, a fluted stainless steel first floor cornice, folded metal spandrel panels and chevron patterned railings and doors.  

Completion date: 2010
Building area: 90,000 square feet 
Location: Celebration, Florida
Role:  Design Partner, Design Architect *
Photography: The Sherman Group

Vanessa Noel Flagship Store

Located in the English basement of her Upper East Side townhouse, Vanessa Noel’s flagship store was designed as a contemporary gallery space for her exquisitely designed shoes. Custom display shelving hung from a picture rail system, a flexible lighting system which is adjusted for her continuously evolving shoe collections, and custom stainless steel Brancusi style display pedestals contribute to the gallery aesthetic. Lacquered columns, stainless steel trim, frosted glass partitions, and mirrors add luxury, sparkle, and depth to the interior. 

Completions date: 2004
Location: New York, New York
Role: Architect
Photography: Philip Euling